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Meet Francesco Di Maria, an Associate Professor at the Dipertimento di Ingegneria of the University of Perugia (IT). He holds the courses of Laboratory of Machines, Plants for solid waste treatment, environmental sanitary engineering, circular use of resources in energy recovery and his research activity is documented by more than 180 publications both in international journals and conferences. Listen to him as he speaks on an Expanded Analysis of Energetic Efficiency of EU WtE Plants. Read more about our speakers at ISWA 2018

New Plastics Economy Session

In recent years, plastic waste and pollution have captured the attention of the public, governments, and businesses on a global scale. In a large part, this is due to the significant amount of plastics accumulating in open dumps, waterways, beaches and the oceans. It is recognised that to address the plastics challenge, a systemic approach must be taken prompting a clear departure from the current plastics material flows that are very linear. In this session, the prominent speakers / panellists will provide insight on these Initiatives, explain the reasons why their companies/organizations are involved, define actions they are taking to meet the commitments, describe the challenges and opportunities and call for waste management professionals to join hands to tackle the plastic challenge. Read more about this and other exciting sessions here


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Mayors and Municipalities Session with Philip Heylan

ISWA’s Initiative for Mayors and Municipalities, the platform for disseminating know-how and best practices in waste to decision makers" is part of ISWA's mission is to promote and develop sustainable waste management worldwide, to create a cleaner-healthier planet. To achieve this, ISWA's know-how and best practices need to be accessible to decision makers and those who influence policy on local, regional and national levels. Listen to Philip Heylan, ISWA’s ambassador for Mayors and Municipalities and honorary vice-mayor of the city of Antwerp and member of the city council speak and specifically engage mayors and municipalities to impart his knowledge into accessible, executive summaries for decision makers. Learn more about the program here


Register now and meet people like you from all over the world to exchange ideas and opinions for sustainable solid waste management. Heralded as the industry’s premier event, the ISWA World Congress is where professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for sustainable solid waste management. The three-day event is expected to attract over 2,000 delegates from across the globe! Register here Register here